Some people call Lombok Island as an Island of thousand Mosque. Some people call it as an island of thousand beaches, but I prefer to call it as an island of thousand twilight. The moment of sunset is the moment that you may not pass up when you visit Lombok Island. Enjoying the shiny orange luminescence that spring upon the ocean, while sitting on a white sand beach is the unforgettable romantic moment with your couple. One of sunset spot that is popular is Senggigi beach.

See The Beautiful Coral Reef At Semeti, Telawas, And Munah Beach

Senggigi beach located in west Lombok. You just need about 30 minutes to reach senggigi from Mataram city. Senggigi is a tourism that has been very popular for local and international tourist. To reach the beach area, you will pass windy road while enjoying sea scenery and mesmerizing hills. There are also many hotels and villas to stay. Along the main road of Senggigi beach, there many shops that is lined up, so you can buy various of Lombok souvenirs.

Entering the area of Senggigi beach, you will be welcomed by the spread of white sand with quiet sea water. You can wait for the sunset while swimming, snorkeling, or playing canoe with your couple. From Senggigi beach you will see the sunset right near mount Agung in Bali Island. While enjoying the sunset, you also can order Lombok culinary like Sate Bulayak. What a beautiful sunset? You can enjoy all the enchanting of twilight here. So, let’s get lost with us!  Wisata Lombok Sumbawa



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