If you feel bored hanging out in the mall, cinema, hotel, beach and you need to explore more challenging places, I think you should list this waterfall as your travelling destination. Yes, Tiu Skeper Waterfall. Instead of heading to mainstream waterfalls, Tiu Skeper waterfall is better to visit because it has natural and beautiful views as not many people know this Waterfall. This waterfall is about 80 meters and  people believe Skeper waterfall is the highest waterfall in Lombok.

Tiu Skeper waterfall Video

Tiu Skeper waterfall is located in Santong village, Kayangan, North Lombok. It takes one and half hours from Mataram to Santong. The route is Mataram-Pemenang-Tanjung-Santong. Heading to this waterfall you have two options: by motor bike and car. Before turning to Skeper, you have to go to a main entrance, you have to buy a ticket, it costs IDR 3000.  From the entrance, it takes around 10 minutes to reach the parking area which is not very far from Tiu Teja Waterfall and you can drop your motor bike there.

tiu skeper waterfall

For people who want to travel to Skeper, they need to pay extra money. The money is used for the organization that manages the forest and it is IDR 20000. And also before going to Skeper waterfall you need to find a local guide to take you there, It costs about IDR 120000 for a guide because the route is quite long as not many people touching down look for the place. Preparing everything is good since you will pass tricky trek paths and misty forest. It requires about 1 and half to 2 hours walk, it is suggested to wear strong hiking shoes and bring food and water because you will not find a warung instead of Tiu Teja Waterfall .

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Along the way you are going to pass through forests which are still producing fragrant woods and you will enjoy the birds singing (chirruping) which makes you wanna stay for that long time. Your eyes will be spoiled (pampered) with natural charming forest, pleasant views and with clean and fresh air.

One of the most unique things is we will be (greeted) by “Beringin Ngangkang” (kind of tree in Sasak language). At first glance, it looks like two trees but actually is one tree. During travelling to Skeper, you have to be more careful, the road of Tiu Skeper waterfall is quite small, dark and dangerous so you have to watch your step and follow the guide.

tiu skeper waterfall lombok tiu skeper waterfall lombok

Tiu Skeper waterfall is a superb, amazing waterfall and super-high waterfall. This is an important thing, for safety we are not allow to bathe or jump around the waterfall, because it is too dangerous and the water pressure goes down (falls) to hard (heavy). If you want to feel the damn cool water in the waterfall you are permitted to bathe or swim in the area around the edge of the waterfall. Taking some pictures in a bloody damn awesome waterfall is one thing you can’t be miss.

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