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Have you seen people mopped a floor with a cow feces? Or have you read a story about kidnapping married? Or have you experienced the process of making a traditional Lombok weaving? Yup, all those unique things will you find in a traditional village in Lombok name SADE Traditional Village


Sade Village located at Rambitan Village, Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok district. It takes about 20 minutes from International Lombok Airport, a main gate to enter Lombok Island, to reach Sade. Strategic position that is in a roadside doesn’t make people who live there follow the flow of globalization.
(the appearance of Sade village. Houses are covered by sedge grass and made from wood and bamboo )

In Lombok Sade Traditional Village, you can see Lombok traditional village with unique architecture. The house called Bale Tani. The roof are made from dry sedge grass, the fences are made from bamboo weave, and the floor is from soil. Traditional house doesn’t use some nails to make home, people use tali ijuk or rope that is made from bamboo. The uniqueness of this traditional house lies on the floor that used to mopping with wet cow or buffalo feces. This often makes many tourists surprised.

Maybe you are going to think that the house will be smell, yet after the feces dried, there is even no smell. The process aimed to make the floor keep warm since people in Sade used to sleep on a sleeping mat, not a bed. Another aim to do the process is to make the contour of floor soil become stronger and long lasting.

weaving at sade village

This is the daily activities of housewives in Sade. Weaving is a special skill that is own since a girl/teenager.

Another Uniqueness from Sade village is the people still maintain Sasak tribe ‘customs strongly. One of the customs is marriage process. It is popularly called merariq or elope marriage. Marriage procession started by kidnapping the woman by the man, but this kidnapping process doesn’t as extreme as people think. Actually, what it is mean by kidnapping process is when the woman is brought to the man’s house, without inform the women’s parents, in a night time. If people do it in a daytime, then there

will be a custom punishment. Then man’s family will inform the woman’s parents the following day tell that their daughter are fine and ask the parent to be her guardian to marry his daughter. The bride must not come to her house to visit her parents until nyongkolan process.

gendang beleq sade village

This nyongkolan process usually make many tourist interest, because the bride and the bridegroom are paraded by wearing Sasak traditional clothes while accompanied by gendang beleq.
Children in Sade, especially women, is rarely to go to school. They are afraid to dream. The custom’s policy requires them to be a weaver.

Women in Traditional Sade Village is rarely has high education. It is because they are not allowed to go out the village. They learn weaving since children. There is a written rule for women that they may not to marry before expert on weaving. It is not surprisingly then if they are able to weave since elementary.

In Sade village, you can see how to process the cotton plant to be thread that is used to weave. Certainly, it is not an easy process. So, are you curious with uniqueness of Sade traditional village? So, Let’s get lost!

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