The Coral Reef at Lombok Beach

Lombok Island is popular with its beautiful beaches with smooth white sands, beaches with peppery sand, or even with pink color. But there is one beach in Lombok Beach that gives challenging panorama with fascinating coral reef contour at Semeti beach. It also white sand where the coastline is squeezed by two beautiful hills.

Semeti Beach Lombok

Lombok Beach | pantai semeti

pantai semeti lombok | Semeti Beach Lombok

Semeti beach located in Mekarsari village, West Praya sub-district, central Lombok that is one strip with Mawun and Selong Belanak beach. The road to reach this beach is challenging enough since it is not covered with asphalt yet. However, during the journey you will enjoy the scenery of mountains and fields. Corn plantation and gogo rancah rice plant in tadah hujan field become the characteristic of journey to head for Semeti, since the location is hidden enough. This beach is not as crowded as other beaches in Lombok Island.

Telawas Beach Lombok

pantai telawas lombok

pantai telawas

If your hobby is adventure, then Semeti is not enough to satisfy your adventurer desire at this area. You need to climb a hill, and then you will find a hidden beach. The beach that almost has no rubbish deserves to call hidden paradise in Lombok. Telawas beach has rock hill contour that is more challenging than Semeti beach. If you come when the low water level, then you can feel the sensation of walking on the unique coral reef. You will feel that you were in a Hollywood adventure movies. Facing directly the Hindia Ocean make the waves that beat the coral reef look fascinating.

Munah Beach Lombok

Lombok Beach | Munah Beach

pantai munah lombok

If you keep climbing a hill, then an exotic Munah beach will appear. You will find a coral reef shaped like a chair; a precise time for sun bathing while seeing the splashing waves and open seas. Beautiful green hill squeezing the beach complete your adventure in this place. If you still want to continue your journey, you can keep climbing a hill and will find Tunting-unting beach. Not only have that beached, since there is one more after the hill that is Mare Gejeq beach. Your adventure will be complete because all of these places are sunset spot. You can release your exhausted while lying down on the sand, staring at the reddish orange color in the west will make you forget your exhausting after one day long adventure.

Fishing at the Semeti, Munah, Telawas Beach beach Lombok? Let’s try!

Semeti beach, Telawas beach, and Munah beach become accurate destination for you whose hobby is fishing. Facing the open seas of Hindia Ocean give you chances to get big fish. What a beautiful LOMBOK BEACH, So, Let’s get Lost in Lombok!

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